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South America - Chile

Chile awaits you!

With its length of 4300 km, practically every ecosystem on the planet is present somewhere along its territory: from the arid deserts of the north, passing the sloping mountains, until the blue glaciers of the south, not forgetting its privileged beaches or the world-class wineries just a few kilometers outside of the capital.

A new and fascinating destination that will delight those who wish to experience nature in its entire splendor.

  • South America - Chile
  • South America - Chile
  • South America - Chile
  • South America - Chile
  • South America - Chile
Top 3 experiences in Chile
1. Santiago, from the Andes to the Coast

Crowned by the Financial Times as «The Latin American city of the future», Santiago has without a doubt, confirmed its image as a modern city in the eyes of the world, known for its great business opportunities and as an increasingly attractive tourist destination.

Our recommendation is a 5 days program to the Central Zone, which includes:Santiago Panoramic City Tour, Trip to the coastal cities of Viña del Mar & Valparaiso, wine tasting at the surrounding wineries and a full-day tour to the ski resorts located just few miles away from the capital!

2. Discover the beauty of Patagonia

Recognized world-wide for its savage and wild beauty, Patagonia is an experience you will hardly forget. With its imposing millennia-old glaciers surrounded by forests, lakes, and rivers and its unique fauna, Patagonia still maintains the charm of an untouched land.

Our recommendation is a 5 days program to Patagonia, which includes: Excursion to Torres del Paine National Park, Navigation through the glaciers, Full-day tour to Tierra del Fuego visiting the Imperial Penguins colony.

3. Explore the Atacama Desert

Famous for being the driest desert in the world, San Pedro de Atacama displays many different types of nature, with the brightest skies on the planet, salt flats known as salares, volcanoes, snow peaks, lakes, geysers, valleys and canyons, as well as interesting flora and fauna.

Our recommendation is a 5 days program to San Pedro de Atacama, which includes: Visit to the Flamingoes National Reserve and high plateau lagoons, excursion to Moon Valley and Salt mines, an expedition to the Tatio Geysers and an afternoon of relax in the natural hot springs.

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